Mobile Application Strategy

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What our Strategy?

Quality, Performance and Affordability is the core Idea behind Our mobile app solutions. As we aim to ensure revenue and stability of the app.

Phelix Info Soultion work Strategies

Step 1: Requirement Study & Analysis

Our first step to study and analysis the complete project requirements. Our Business analysis team communicates with the client to study the whole project scope. We collect all data & information from client.

When ever its needs to render from the google, we do it and make a final draft for the client. We give the best quote and time frame to complete the project.

Step 2: Prototyping & UI design

A rough design and coding helps us to evaluate the forthcoming snags and improvements needed in the app.

As the design and coding gets confirmed we start to work upon mobile app UI/ UX Designs which defines the Graphical User Interface Design of App. It helps in navigation, responsiveness and explains the user control parameters.

Phelix Info Soultion work Strategies
Phelix Info Soultion work Strategies

Step 3: APP Development

Our Backend Development Team ensures the proper integration of database, web services and coding. Running the code performs aggressive testing.

Differentiation according to platform or domains is done to find out whether native or cross platform development needed or iOS or Windows are needed to perform proper functioning.

Step 4: Testing & Quality Assurance

Yes it is tiresome and takes loads of time. But its the most important task after all the efforts are put in to check if they are all done in the right direction or not.

Our testing team is well qualified and expert to test the applications. We test on all major devices, browers and OS. We make sure everything is perfect before delivery.

Phelix Info Soultion work Strategies
Phelix Info Soultion work Strategies

Step 5: App Delivery & Mainatince

We love to check the app completely through front end as well as back end in order to ensure that we developed it according to the need of the client. We also ensure complete compatibility and support by launching the app on the Client's mobile. App Code Documentation plans documentation so as to ensure app project understanding.

Mobile App Devices and Operating System Updates is the next important level to achieve as it provide Support and Maintenance to Client for future in order to ensure compatibility of app.